Rock n roll murder mystery musical for people who hate musicals

Rock n roll: rebellious, loud, punk… out of the garage and in your face. A piece of pop culture that, for decades, has an audience that is as passionate about it as the ones who make it. There’s only one thing that has fully captured the sounds and visions of this phenomenon over the years:

The rock musical.

CHARLIE is the comical tale of pill-popping and flask-swigging TV reporter Charlie Max. Tonight he’s been given his last chance to keep his job under the pressure of his high-strung boss, Henry, to report on a leather-clad, punk rock, Nancy Fullforce, while he’s performing the biggest show in town. Quickly after the gig, news breaks that the singer has suddenly been victim to a bus fire and has been the singer’s last… or is it? Charlie spots Nancy fleeing the venue moments after the news breaks and begins a twisty cat-and-mouse chase full of colorful characters and encounters in hopes to unravel the mystery of the star’s possibly staged death in time for his news report deadline. Charlie might not only keep his job, but he might have the biggest story in the world. CHARLIE is a roller-coaster ride with an ending that will change everything you thought you saw.

First opened in Los Angeles 2010, CHARLIE! THE DEATH OF NANCY FULLFORCE, took its collection of upbeat rock Brit-pop, Motown and punk driven “murder mystery musical” numbers to a consistently SOLD-OUT live theatre audience. Billed as “The musical for people who hate musicals,” CHARLIE continued its multiple run into the next year and was invited to take part in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The show once again packed the house, not only leaving both the audience and press buzzing, but voted one of the festival’s “Best Musicals” of the year.

The time has come to create a new addition to the rock n roll musical collection. Not only revive the sounds and visions that have enthralled audiences for decades, but take things to a new level of technology, distribution and elaboration. CHARLIE is not only a form of stage musical and film to be continually presented for years to come like all the others before it, but a unique form of timeless comic book style characters that can easily spiral into various forms of entertainment. 


“'Charlie!’ is the first show I've ever seen that I wished was longer It actually left me hungry for more.”

- MICHAEL SCHMIDT / Michael Schmidt Studios; Club SQUEEZEBOX creator


“Punk rock! Dance numbers! Drag queens! I loved it!!!”

- MICKEY PETRALIA / Music producer (Beck, Peaches, Flight of the Conchords)


"Charlie! is an explosion of wild, raucous rock n roll fun! The rambunctious energy of the cast along with killer original music MADE this musical yummy!"



“Some of LA’s most talented & popular performers; think more Rocky Horror than My Fair Lady”

- FRONTIERS Magazine / Los Angeles, CA